About Our Company

Who Are Star Cutouts?

Star Cutouts is a Print-on-Demand operation and will professionally supply your business whether you require just one or more than 100 pieces of our licensed or custom characters.
We pride ourselves on the quality and quick availability of our Foam core and cardboard supplies, setting the industry standard in ...
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Ethical Manufacturing And Sourcing

Star Cutouts has full visibility of the entire supply chain – with all raw materials being sourced from reputable and respected suppliers. (A full list of raw material suppliers, material data sheets can be supplied if required).
We can help providers supply plastic-free parties, sustainable party products, and an ...
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The Magical Powers Of A Cardboard Cutout

Whether your goal is a trip on a cable car to the stars, an entertainer to WOW your party guests or a photo op for your event or party, Star Cutouts U. S. has what you need to add that magical power to your day.
Entertainers, Politicians, Royals, Stand-In, Silhouettes, and Props are a way of life in the life of ...
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Why Would We License Different Properties?

When we look at a licensed property, we think about customers' desires for party props, bedroom or family room or game room décor and how will it look when your friends take photos standing by the cutout. Each cutout must be worthy of a photo of you and our cutouts framed in your house to show off your closeness ...
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Why Choose Us

  • Family-owned
  • 24/7 availability
  • Easy Storage Capabilities
  • 4 color printing
  • Fast Shipping
  • High-quality Cardboard