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Cardboard cutout of Danny Devito is tearing one couple apart

Cardboard cutout of Danny Devito is tearing one couple apart

Cardboard cutout of Danny Devito is tearing one couple apart

Posted on Jan 24, 2022

One man’s love for a Danny Devito cardboard cutout is not potentially ruining his career but also his romantic life.

An anonymous writer wrote to the Am I an Asshole subreddit to see if she would be considered an asshole for leaving her boyfriend of 6 years because of his Danny Devito cardboard cutout. She claims that this cardboard is ruining his chances of getting a promotion from his job. The unnamed woman goes to extremes lengths to describe the numerous incidents that prompted her to question the fate of her relationship.

The woman claimed that while the actor’s cutout board wasn’t essentially an issue, it was for his co-worker.

“He (boyfriend) has a well-paid job and is thought of very highly in his workplace and has been told by his boss when he retires next year he will be recommending his for the job. He has been there 12 years, and this will be a huge advancement for him, and he deserves it.”

“Due to him now homeworking he has been doing more video calls and his bosses boss (J) really does not like the Danny Devito cardboard cut out. He (J) has asked him to remove it during a meeting so he did and the meeting carried on,” she continued.

After the incident with J, the woman added that her boyfriend decided to return the cardboard to its original location, leading to a heated verbal altercation with J. The discussion ended with the woman’s boyfriend snapping back at J that “he is unable to tell him how to decorate his house.”

In addition to the fiery remark, the boyfriend also brought several other Danny Devito cutouts and an oil painting of Danny Devito and hung it up behind him.

J, furious with his actions, informed the woman’s boyfriend that his potential promotion was pretty much nonexistent. Although he couldn’t fire him, he said his career at the company was “dead.” When the woman tried to talk to her boyfriend about the Danny Devito cardboard cutout and the effects he appears to be suffering from the slight obsession with the actor — which included looking for another job — she claimed that he blew her off.

The conversation between the woman and her boyfriend ended with her not speaking to her partner for several days and questioning their relationship. Readers were split on the situation: some agreed with the boss and claimed it was a distraction, but others said J didn’t have the right to dictate what went on in his worker’s home.

You can read the tweets below and the original thread here.

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